28 February 2010

Today was the last Sunday for the Sass family here in Salvador, Brazil. It was a good day but a very sad day for all. There was lots of crying and prayers and blessings and presents presented. We will miss Travis, Alicia, Ceara, and Calen greatly. (Aubry will especially miss Ceara since these two girls are close in age and best buds). It has been a good five years on the field and it is time for this family to move on. Please keep them in your prayers as well as they head back to Canada.

13 February 2010


Well, I'm sitting here watching my baby girl crawl. She's getting all around Aubry's room. Both are playing on Aubry's pink carpet. Paisley starts out inch worming - a pace or two lunging forward and then back on all fours for another pace or two. She's gotten to where she can do a few paces at a time now with some elephant walks in between. She also rode in the big girl swing for the first time and had a blast.

09 February 2010

Wow! God answers prayer! We had a great Sunday and it seemed like everyone we prayed for by name (together as a team before service) was there. We had a blessing during the worship time for all returning students since school started back this week from the summer months. Tennyson, one of our Brazilian leaders, preached and did a great job. We had 5 youth who all really seemed interested and honest during class time. Matt started a new Sunday school series using 5 evangelistic videos created by Antenor Gonzalves (a famous Church of Christ preacher in the South of Brazil). We had over 20 kids for the back to school party, quite a few people we haven't seen in a while, along with visitors, and almost 60 total for worship. God blessed our day on Sunday and we pray a special prayer of thanksgiving for those that He sent our way. To God be the Glory!

Oh and Paisley got another tooth - that makes 5 now!