13 July 2010

Super Saturday!

Super Saturday (our VBS) this past weekend went really well. With 53 kids in attendance, we had only one light fixture broken and only one kid threw up; so it was a huge success. Best of all were all the volunteers. We had over half of our church members involved in making the day happen and it was truly a team effort. It is great to be a part of a church that works together so well to teach children about Christ and to invite them and their parents into a relationship with God. Have a super week everyone!

07 July 2010

Homeless, Stomach Flu, and Campaign

So, What's going on right now? Well, it's been a busy several weeks with new interns, visitors, Heather leaving, birthday parties, deciding to move our church, watching all the World Cup Games at the building and the crazy Sao Joao holiday plus our regular activities. Saturday we had our Benevolence lunch at the building and had several of the usual suspects with us. Everaldo, one of our homeless men, set up to study the Bible with Russ and Geraldo. When Everaldo left he said, "See ya Tuesday." The man beside me, Binho, leaned over and asked, "What's going Tuesday?" I told him that Everaldo was going to come to a Bible study and Binho replied, "I could really use one of those." Pray that he'll come.

Sunday was a good day. We had almost 50 in attendance - our campaign group had arrived. This is and will be a big week for them and us:

Sunday - church & 4th of July dinner w/ English speaking Brazilians
Monday - Work project at a member's house
(repairing walls & concreting the dirt floor)
Tuesday - Morning - prayer walk Afternoon - Work project
Night - Church prayer group
Wednesday - Sightseeing Day Night - English Bible Study
Thursday - Passing out flyers for VBS
Afternoon - Benevolence project at Autism school
Night - Church Game & Family Night
Friday - Getting ready for VBS & house work project
Saturday VBS all day and night!!!

These first few days of the campaign I have had a horrible stomach flu but now that I'm feeling better I hope to be able to make up for it. Aubry and Paisley are doing well. Paisley is growing fast and walking everywhere and into everything. Aubry is singing more in Portuguese now and Mommy is trying to learn the songs to keep up. Matt is taking care of us all, working hard and "trying" to fit in study- an hour a day for the MCAT next Spring. Matt will be joining the medical mission CURA Brazil next week in a small city in Sao Paulo state so he will be traveling. Many of the women at our church will also be traveling next week for a women's conference (including Jennifer and our three interns) so keep them in prayer as well. We pray that all of you are well and that God will send His blessings to rain down on you. And may He give us a break from the rain this week.