01 December 2010


Paisley is learning new words all of the time and I'm excited to say that one of her newest words is... Bible - thanks to Jennifer and her toddler class at church. She patted one of her books real sweet on Monday and said it. So cute! Bible is right up there with: up, cookie, plane, please, uh-huh (with emphatic no head shake), none (Danone yogurt here), gada (obrigada), tia (aunt), eye, aubry and of course (mama and daddy). Other new things lately are flooding our kitchen with our drinking water and turning the lights on and off. She loves to climb and she loves to spin. And she loves being held. She also loves healthy food - give her fruits and veggies over processed foods any day. All of her teeth are in now after a long two month battle with the last four. Now, after teething, grandma visits, and starting a new sitter, we are finally starting to retrain her to go to sleep on her own again. It's a tough battle because she has a very head strong personality but she and we are sleeping a little better at night now.

Aubry is growing just as fast. Aubry is learning night time potty training. She did great for a month, got her barbie girl bike, back tracked for a few weeks, and is now doing better (now that we're hopefully getting back our washing machine to keep up with sheet washing). Aubry has a big vocabulary and often cute pronunciations. Yesterday we went to the restrunk (restaurant). We saw a coptivator from the car window (helicopter). And we went to bed trying to melt the scary lobsters (monsters) with our flashlight. Aubry enjoys her ballet, capoeira, computer, and English classes at school. She takes care of all of her friends and prays for all of her school friends at night especially: Ana Julia, Marilu, Ester, and Pedro.

Both girls are blessings from God and continue to make us smile and laugh. May you be blessed as you read this. - Emm Vee