20 April 2010

Happy 4th Aniversary Church!

ICOS has it's fourth anniversary last weekend. We had a video slide show, lots of people wanting to hold the girls and we went out to eat with several members afterwards. It was a good day.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

I can't believe I haven't gotten these Easter pics out yet but at least it's still April. Well, here they are... We had a great Easter weekend. We taught some of our Brazilian neighbors and church kids how to dye eggs, something they'd never seen before. They had a blast painting and finding them. Here the tradition is to give away beautifully wrapped chocolate eggs (sold at all the stores here). Estefani asked Jennifer at church, "Did you get a chocolate egg this morning?" Jennifer said no and Estefani replied, "Me neither. Maybe I'll get one at Virginia's tonight." Thank goodness I had bought extra chocolate eggs at Bom Preco for the Brazilian kids who came. I didn't realize how important they actually were here and our church kids have had very few Easter's when they actually got a chocolate egg. It was a fun and rewarding Easter. Below are the Easter outfits from the real and the pretend Easter (My-My's packages got stuck in the mail and we had our own second Easter at church two weeks later).