13 November 2010


Mary had an amazing time at the Continent Care Conference this year. The Continent Care team raised enough money for all the missionary women to attend the conference for free (you just had to get there). Part of the team was made up of professional counselors who were open to meeting with us during the week. It was good to be able to talk with someone (Becky Holton) in my heart language about all of the transitions in this past year. In the picture is Ali Kaiser (my roommate from ACU)... I got to see old friends (Debora), strengthen the bonds between my other wonderful teammates (Valerie and Jennifer), and make new friends with missionary women who are in similar life phases (Julie and Stacy). I know it was beneficial for all who went. Thank you Georgia, Becky, and all of the team who did their best to make us feel appreciated and cared for. May God continue to bless you as you richly bless others.

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